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The Business of Design

Interior design is a competitive industry. With many companies offering similar services, it isn’t easy to stand out from the crowd. Fung Style Interior Design, however, is an exception as it has been constantly innovating to help make their clients’ dreams a reality.

“We adopt a customer-oriented approach which is above and beyond what our competitors can offer, by giving them our ‘Three Guarantees’ – construction period guarantee, quotation guarantee and service guarantee,” said the company’s Co-founder Chris Cho.

With a team of experienced professionals, the company ensures that the budget and construction timelines are well planned out before any contract is signed. “Our unique all-round ambassadors act like a personal assistant, who are experienced and dedicated to providing thoughtful services to every customer,” Cho explained.

Such customer-oriented culture helps maintain long-term relationships with their clients, and reinforces their reputation. Recently, the company worked with a well-known corporation to deliver a full service package under tight time constraints.

“They chose to work with us because we provided not only design and build services, but also the entire execution plan. This also allowed us to ensure each aspect of the project – from construction to furbishing – was completed perfectly and on time,” Cho said.

“Every successful project is a result of all departments cooperating together. The customer service, design and engineering teams each form a circle and the client is always at the center, which reassures them through the whole process.”

Client retention and loyalty are essential for the company’s health, but Cho also wants to reach out to new clients to develop his business. “By joining HKGCC, we hope to broaden our horizons, as well as expand our business circle,” Cho said.

Looking to the future, he has his eye on providing customers with an even better experience by utilizing advanced technologies. “With people’s constantly growing desire for a better living environment, more and more households are willing to hire a professional interior designer. So to help them better visualize our ideas and optimize our services, we plan to utilize more new technologies to display design graphics in a more concrete, practical and touchable way,” said Cho. “We are also putting more effort into online communication channels to further serve clients’ needs given how Covid-19 has made this the new normal.”


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