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Mapping Smart ESG Paths

ESG (environmental, social and governance) is fast becoming an essential component in investment strategies, but the framework and reporting standards can sometimes seem so complex that not many corporations are able to map a clear path.

ESG Matters Ltd, a sustainability consultancy firm with a strong background in information technology, works with its clients to ensure they achieve sustainable development goals, as well as build resilience to climate change.

“Our values – technology, design thinking and assurance – have long been guiding our business operations,” said founder Glenn Frommer. “Our services and products enable enterprises and project owners to meet their ESG and financial goals.”

Envisioning technological development worldwide, ESG Matters empowers businesses and individuals to create sustainable improvement. It provides platform solutions to meet the needs of sustainable impact investing and green financing from listed companies, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), and various growing organizations.

“We have different solutions in digitalizing focused environmental knowledge, turning sustainability into context and operational content,” Frommer said.

What makes ESG Matters stand out from the crowd is that it incorporates environmental Internet of Things (IoT) with dashboard solutions.

“Our smart city solutions combine two disciplines – sustainability and information technology,” Frommer explained. “There are a lot of IT companies and environmental consultancies in the market; yet, not many offer one-stop environmental and digital services to the public and private sectors like we do.”

One example is the company’s flagship data management platform, ESG Dashboard, which facilitates effective environmental data collection and conversion, emissions calculation, as well as carbon pricing and auditing. “Quality and accuracy in collecting, analyzing and disseminating data can be labour-intensive and time-consuming. We help clients get the job done cost-effectively in the long run,” Frommer said.

While many people are becoming increasingly concerned about the environment, businesses face many challenges in today’s uncertain global climate. Some of them – especially SMEs – may think ESG is more the responsibility of listed companies, and therefore disregard its value in favour of maximizing profits. Additionally, it is challenging for corporations and organizations to catch up with ESG comply-or-explain requirements.

In light of such issues, ESG Matters established the Matters Academy, a digital educational platform that advocates ESG practices. It aspires to equip businesses with a better understanding of the latest trends and developments in the global ESG sector. The programme also aims to promote digital tools to boost market competitiveness and stimulate the development of sectoral best practices.

And in response to the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations, Matters Academy recently broadened its focus to include ESG career talks, the Ocean Series, Solar Energy, Acoustics Lectures, and Supply Chain Channel. These areas address Sustainable Development Goals about life below water, climate change, sustainable cities, and industry innovation.

“ESG is a broad topic applying to different industries,” Frommer explained. “Each company has its ESG issues, and is expected to have at least an understanding of ESG when running the business.”

To further explore engagement channels and connections, the company decided to join the HKGCC.

“We are glad to venture our ESG advocacy agenda into the Chamber’s network this year. We appreciate the opportunity the HKGCC has given us,” Frommer said. He added that the membership has helped them network with other business disciplines comprising companies of different sizes, and has facilitated the exchange of ideas as well as ESG promotion.

Looking ahead, ESG Matters will continue its work to empower environmental practice with digitalization and visualization, and to further engage businesses in the ESG sector.


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