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Communication Key to Business Success

Communication is crucial for all businesses, but getting the right message across has become increasingly complex in a highly connected and ever-evolving global business landscape.

PR consultancy FleishmanHillard Hong Kong works with its clients to ensure their communication strategies are hitting the right targets, from promoting brand loyalty and launching new products to managing crisis events.

“We help organizations to achieve skilled communications by evolving stakeholder thinking, whether it’s to strengthen reputation, advance policy or connect with the wide range of audiences that influence a company’s success,” said Patrick Yu, General Manager, Senior Vice President and Senior Partner.

Established in 1996, FleishmanHillard Hong Kong is the Asia-Pacific headquarters of the U.S.-based global firm. Since setting up in Hong Kong, the company has established a deep network across the region and counselled clients including multinational corporates, local businesses and start-ups.

The global pandemic has had a huge impact on communication at all levels as face-to-face interactions have been heavily curtailed, posing a major challenge for PR and marketing agencies. But, as Yu explained, the company’s TRUE Global Intelligence (TGI) research group has come to the fore amid the ongoing uncertainty.

“TGI is a data-tech tool stack that delivers the most in-depth understanding of audiences, influencers, trends and impact,” he said. “It enables the team to plan, measure and optimize campaigns with the right information and transform big data into solutions for clients.”

TGI provides a huge amount of valuable Covid-related information – on topics including vaccinations, return to work and consumer behaviour – which has enabled FleishmanHillard to give its clients crucial insights to steer their communication strategies and narratives.

Besides the issues brought by the pandemic, corporates around the globe are facing a shifting landscape of reputational and cultural challenges. Looking ahead, FleishmanHillard believes that environmental, social and governance (ESG) strategies will become increasingly important for companies, and will help them to differentiate themselves from the competition.

However, balancing the need to promote their products and services with the desire to operate in a sustainable manner will be a tightrope act for many businesses. To deliver the right message on ESG and other complicated issues, creativity and collaboration will be needed, as well as action to make sustainability a reality.

As the world gradually moves towards a post-Covid environment, many businesses are looking for new ways to connect and communicate. The diverse and extensive membership base within the Chamber prompted FleishmanHillard to join, and to share their expertise with fellow members.

“We are excited to expand our network and meet new friends – from the local business community to Mainland Chinese and international partners,” Yu said.


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