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Driving Growth Through Digital

Amid global economic upheaval, digital marketing and other services have become even more important for businesses of all types to reach new and existing customers. Founded in Hong Kong in 2009, iClick Interactive Asia Group Limited, a leading enterprise and marketing cloud platform, aims to empower brands to unlock the enormous market potential of smart retail.

With its headquarters in Hong Kong, iClick soon expanded into Mainland China, and now operates in eleven locations across Asia and Europe.

“With our proprietary technologies and full suite of data-driven solutions, we help brands drive significant business growth and profitability throughout the full consumer lifecycle,” said President of International Business Frankie Ho.

The changes to normal business operations brought by the pandemic mean that many traditional companies are seeking new ways to operate with the help of digital services. Digital marketing can help companies develop new ideas and adapt their products to meet the ever-changing demands of consumers and clients around the world.

“iClick for sure has been able to fuel the resilient growth of our clients with flexible solutions and sophisticated data analytics capabilities in times of uncertainties,” Ho said.

Over the past two years, although Covid-19 has had a devastating impact on the global economy, the e-commerce and digital marketing sectors have boomed in Mainland China. The nation was the world’s second largest digital advertising spender in 2021, and its digital market is expected to grow by 17.5% in the next year to reach around US$105 billion.

To keep up with the latest digital trends in China, iClick has upgraded its flagship product, iAudience, and brought together its full-stack digital marketing solution, iSuite. In 2021, iClick launched a new enterprise solution flagship product, iSmartGo, a SaaS-based cross-border smart retail solution harnessing big data and AI technology. This enables international retailers to scale in Mainland China through building and operating their own private domain traffic marketplaces via WeChat mini-programmes.

Many international brands are keen to grow their online sales in the Mainland, and iSmartGo has helped global retailers address the challenges in expanding cross-border e-commerce business.

“The iSmartGo solution is seeing growing demand from markets such as Korea, Thailand and Singapore, helping clients to stay competitive amid the Covid-19 pandemic,” said Ho.

Ho said that one of the reasons iClick joined the Chamber was due to the shared objective of helping businesses grow. “We are dedicated to backing our fellow global marketers and agency clients to achieve sustainable business success, just as HKGCC does with its members.”

The company works with more than 320 MNCs and 3,000 direct marketers and agency clients, and Ho said that building trusted relationships with clients was key to the company’s success. Through its close ties with clients, iClick is able to better understand and anticipate market trends, customize solution offerings, and ultimately increase client loyalty and retention.

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