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INITSOC Ltd was established in 2014 with the aim of harnessing data to provide businesses with better information and ultimately to change the digital marketing landscape.

“We believe that marketing cannot be precise and effective without the use of data intelligence and marketing insights,” said Director Carlton Liem.

With a team of experts and years of experience in digital marketing in both Mainland China and Hong Kong, INITSOC has helped local and international companies enter the Mainland market.

Competition in the digital marketing sector can be fierce. With so many firms competing on the same playing field, it can be a challenge to stand out and set yourself apart from the competition. INITSOC, however, has set its sights beyond the Hong Kong market.

“As the Greater Bay Area is one of the key development schemes for the Government, the integration of Hong Kong and Macao together with other nearby cities creates tremendous opportunities in digital marketing for different businesses,” said Liem.

But while the GBA has provided new markets and new opportunities, there are also challenges, as cross-border digital marketing requires adapting to the knowledge and mindsets of the customers in a different region.

“It is necessary for Hong Kong’s digital marketing sector to transform and adapt,” Liem said.

Fortunately, as Liem explained, INITSOC has a head start in the GBA market, as its diverse team already has years of experience in both Hong Kong and Mainland China. This means that its staff have had first-hand insights into the different business models and social media cultures in the two regions.

For example, this expertise came in handy during INITSOC’s project with the Hong Kong-based firm Hang Lung Properties. Amid the Covid-19 travel restrictions, INITSOC worked with the property firm to establish a cross-border e-shop in Mainland China.

The project used a combination of tech platforms such as WeChat as a payment gateway between the two regions, and livestreaming platforms with KOLs to advertise their beauty and lifestyle products. The initiative reached more than 3.5 million people, boosting online sales and meeting consumption demand in the Mainland.

Liem said that INITSOC‘s expansion ambitions are one of the reasons why it joined HKGCC, to meet representatives from the Chamber’s diverse network of companies from various sectors. “We would like to explore and get more connected with the market, and pursue more business opportunities with the members.”

Looking to the future, INITSOC aims to support local and international companies that plan to enter the GBA, through digital marketing and social media initiatives. It is currently focusing on strategies for when the pandemic eases and travel resumes.

“Now, we are working with our clients to prepare for post-Covid activities and leverage the expected surging demand once the border reopens,” Liem said.


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