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The Covid-19 pandemic has made the whole world more aware of the importance of cleanliness to prevent the spread of illness. Traditional manual cleaning protocols may not be enough to protect against the different viruses and bacteria present today.

Avalon SteriTech is a part of Avalon BioMedical Management, a home-grown biomedical group founded in 2013. It focuses on developing next-generation healthcare solutions in areas including public health and infection control, diagnostics, medical devices and pharmaceutical.

Of key interest in the current climate is the company’s innovations that use biomedical, technological and robotic elements to complement and enhance traditional cleaning practices. These products are deployed to carry out deep cleaning and disinfection in areas including public spaces, ultimately reducing the potential health risks to the community.

“We aspire to become a worldwide leader in public health and protection,” said CEO Lewis Ho.

For example, the group co-developed its VHP Robot with the MTR Corporation. This robot has been in action disinfecting train compartments, stations and related facilities since March 2020. It performs deep-cleaning procedures by spraying disinfectant into gaps and crevices that are difficult for human hands to reach.

The success of the VHP Robot boosted Avalon SteriTech’s profile and helped the company to expand its footprint in the Mainland, where it has now been adopted by the metro systems in Shenzhen and Beijing. In fact, it was partly Avalon SteriTech’s expansion plans that led them to join HKGCC.

“The Chamber’s network has allowed us to connect with the local business community, as well as some of the most renowned associations in Hong Kong,” said Ho.

The MoonStar is an upgraded smart disinfection solution from Avalon SteriTech – and is being used on airplanes, among other locations. In collaboration with Cathay Pacific and HAECO, the new generation of disinfecting robots has overcome the difficulties in cleaning an aircraft thoroughly. It has recently been deployed on the MTR Airport Express as well.

The MoonStar is also one of the few disinfectant-spraying robots that can effectively remove particles smaller than 40 microns, one of the strict requirements set in place by Boeing and Airbus. The company expects to collaborate with more airlines on its technology in the near future.

These solutions are all part of the efforts that Avalon SteriTech has made to combat the Covid-19 pandemic. But another important part of the company’s work is educating the public on the merits of automation in this area. With these technology and robotic solutions, the group hopes to restore public confidence in the safety of the environment, and help pave the way for the business community and society’s recovery as a whole. There are challenges in getting this message across, however.

As Ho explained, robotics and disinfection solutions – and how they work alongside manual cleaning methods – are still relatively new to the general public, and this may cause misunderstandings about the technologies. Ideas such as “robots replacing human workers” or “disinfection is equal to traditional cleaning” are common misconceptions that have emerged in response to the rise of automation in the industry.

“Therefore, it is essential for us to educate our audience, or even change their perceptions,” said Ho. “Hence, our marketing strategy focuses on building awareness, creating content for educating the audience, and engaging them through seminars, webinars and B2B events.”


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