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Established in Hong Kong in 2007, RedBox Storage is a trusted partner for those who need customized storage solutions for their valuables. Serving individuals and commercial business customers alike, Redbox has facilities across five locations in Hong Kong: Shatin, Chai Wan, Yau Tong, Tuen Mun and Tsuen Wan. Each facility offers a broad range of different-sized spaces to meet its clients’ storage needs.

“At its essence, RedBox is all about building trust with each and every customer,” said Tim Alpe, CEO of RedBox Storage. “We operate the largest facilities in Hong Kong, which are up to eight times larger on average compared to others.”

RedBox Storage also has the added advantage of owning a large proportion of their facilities. “A number of industry players in the market either lease or franchise their operations,” explained Alpe, “which can at times lead to instability for consumers.”

As a trusted authority in the self-storage industry, RedBox Storage has been pioneering and setting standards for its work through the SAFE accreditation from the Self Storage Association Asia. In April 2020, the company was the first operator in Hong Kong to receive the Gold Safe Accreditation for its premises in Tuen Mun, and its Chai Wan location quickly followed as well.

These accolades have not come without challenges. In recent years, RedBox Storage has been working through different channels to rebrand the image of self-storage (mini storage) units to the public. The term itself has often been associated with old warehouses or sub-divided industrial units, and does not accurately reflect the level of quality provided by many operators in the industry today.

This was also one of the reasons that motivated RedBox Storage to join HKGCC, as the Chamber has “one of the largest business communities in Hong Kong with expertise in both local and international businesses of all trades,” Alpe said. The Chamber’s wide network has been an important channel for the firm to spread the word about the quality of modern self-storage units.

In space-starved Hong Kong, finding suitable storage facilities was another hurdle. As industrial properties in the city age, there has been a continued decline in the number of suitable premises that can be renovated and revitalized into a high quality storage facility.

In the future, the company plans to explore new markets including the Greater Bay Area, as well as other regions in Asia such as Singapore and Japan.

But there is also still room for substantial growth here in Hong Kong, and the company plans to continue growing its footprint locally, as Alpe explained. “Hong Kong is relatively underserved in the self-storage marketplace,” he said, “with an average of only 0.6 square feet per capita, versus 1.3 in London, 1.9 in Sydney, or 3.4 in New York for example.”

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