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As Hong Kong’s population ages, services for the silver generation are increasingly in demand. Roseville Senior Living aims to transform the elder care industry in Hong Kong and beyond through innovations in resident lifestyle enhancements and care.

“Our commitment and mission is to set a new benchmark as the most desirable, dignified and fulfilling high-end residential community for seniors in Hong Kong,” said Director of Operations Cindy Wong.

At Roseville Senior Living, the aim is to provide a one-stop solution for all needs. Ventria Residence, a medi-hotel/apartment community in Happy Valley, for example, provides independent living for the more active and mobile seniors, assisted living for those requiring closer attention, and even specialist nursing for those with specific needs such as dementia.

The residence is also one of the first in Hong Kong to adopt the “Chilled Ceiling System Technology” in each unit, which automatically adjusts room temperature and humidity to ensure a pleasant environment year-round, as well as helping to prevent contamination during Covid-19.

“Ventria Residence is the first senior retirement community that integrates medical and nursing care with hotel services and amenities in Hong Kong,” Wong said.

The elder care industry has picked up traction over the years, but also faces challenges. As the number of elderly people – defined as those aged 65 or older – in Hong Kong is projected to increase to more than a third of the population by 2064, the current supply of senior residences does not meet the growing demand.

“In 2019, elderly applicants had to wait more than three years for a place in a residential care home in Hong Kong,” Wong explained. This issue can be attributed to both the scarcity of land in Hong Kong as well as a shortage of caregivers available in the market.

An added challenge to overcome is the importance placed on filial piety in traditional Chinese culture.

“This implies that children should personally take care of their elderly parents, and sending them to care homes is considered unfilial,” said Wong.

To combat these challenges, the group decided to join HKGCC to promote awareness among the business community in Hong Kong about modern senior living concepts such as continuing care retirement communities.

“Senior living doesn’t have to be a late-in-life, last-ditch option for those who cannot care for themselves,” said Wong. “Our residences are vibrant, human-centric communities that allow residents to lead progressive and engaging lives.”

Despite the hurdles, Wong is confident that Roseville Senior Living is making an impact in the industry. With their experienced management team and multi-disciplinary medical team, the group has professionals from various backgrounds and decades of accumulated experience suited to accommodate the many needs of the residents.

“We see an opportunity in Hong Kong to offer a high quality medi-hotel senior retirement community,” said Wong. “We are determined in realizing this vision.”

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