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Shaping Your Brand

An organization’s branding is the story and image it would like to share with the world, and contains the key messages to be delivered to stakeholders near and far. For Stepworks, their expertise is in strengthening that branding.

The brand building agency has more than two decades of experience and has worked with numerous organizations in the city including Hong Kong Tramways, Hong Kong Judiciary and Goldman Sachs.

“Every organization faces change. We help leaders of organizations ensure people think positively about change and are inspired by it,” said Managing Partner Stephen Barry. “To do this, we apply our proven, effective, Wholehearted Brand Building methodology.”

By working closely with executives, Stepworks aims to align the company’s business and brand strategies. This can be done through storytelling, and brand imagery, such as logos, aesthetics and photography. Examples of their previous work in this area include the logo for the Hong Kong Judiciary, which emphasises its institutional independence.

The company also works on brand building campaigns for its clients, such as the IPO launching ceremony for the HKEX. For new companies, Stepworks can set up their launch campaigns, and also provide them with the tools to then continue developing their own communications in-house.

Marketing is a fast-moving discipline, and to keep up with the ever-changing trends, companies must continually evolve and update their branding and marketing strategies. This provides plenty of opportunities for specialists like Stepworks. Another boon is the fact that Hong Kong, as a global financial metropolis, has attracted a plethora of industry giants and a constant stream of newcomers – all of which need to build and develop their brands.

The Chamber has also helped the company to expand their network in Hong Kong. “HKGCC offers us opportunities to grow through training and meeting like-minded leaders,” Barry said. “We see so many businesses that could benefit from brand building.”

While there are ample opportunities in Hong Kong for branding, challenges do exist as well.

“As is the case with many specialist professional services firms, we continually face the challenge of capacity management and load balancing,” Barry said. “However, after 27 years of doing this, we’re getting better at it,” he joked.

In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, Stepworks, like many other companies, has had to quickly adapt to the shift online. To help its clients, Stepworks has provided more digital solutions, such as introducing free online tools on their website to support clients with their brand building.

Internally, Stepworks has also prospered, despite the many challenges of the past year.

“As a team, we’ve all stayed together, supported each other, and strengthened our resilience,” said Barry. “The future looks bright.”

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