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Keeping Communication Lines Open

In the modern world, staying connected is vital. Whether it is keeping in touch with friends from across the globe, or negotiating deals with business contacts over the phone, we depend on global telecommunications networks for our working and social lives.

This meant that telecoms firms were in the frontline of the Covid-19 storm when it first broke last year. As industries and individuals alike had to make rapid changes to adapt to the new normal, telecoms firms had to make sure their networks were up to the task.

“The hybrid work model relies on quality and stable network solutions that will drive the post-pandemic era,” said Ivy Lui, Group Director, Marketing & Corporate Communications at DYXnet.

With nearly 2,000 corporate clients, DYXnet, a wholly owned subsidiary of 21Vianet Group, has grown to become one of the leading telecoms service providers in Greater China and the wider Asia-Pacific region since its inception in 1999.

Amid the evolving working conditions of the past year, businesses have had to rely more and more heavily on technology for communication purposes, from emails and video conferencing to instant messaging. This growing emphasis on digital communication also presented opportunities for DYXnet Group to meet the growing demands of their market.

“Business communications and competitive edges need to be powered up with quality network, cloud, security and collaborative solutions from service providers,” Lui explained.

DYXnet Group is one of the first official members of the China Cross-border Data Telecommunications Industry Alliance, a prestigious organization that requires its members to meet the service standard required by China’s Communications Administration.

As the company has already established a strong presence in China, joining HKGCC has enabled DYXnet Group to further expand its business network with the Chamber’s wide membership. “We look forward to connecting our team with the global business community, government, and other organizations,” said Lui.

Looking forward to 2022 and beyond, DYXnet Group aims to continue expanding its services for clients in Greater China and the Asia Pacific. Apart from enterprise network solutions, their solutions and services now also cover cloud back up, cloud security, disaster recovery and video conferencing consultancy.

Since the Covid-19 outbreak, the company has also organized online events on a range of different technologies. These have not only helped their clients to deal with the impact of the pandemic, but also maintained the company’s industry presence throughout the disruption of the past year.

“We ran different webinars in the regions, with themes including remote work and operations, network and cloud edge solutions, and post-pandemic business trends, and we are delighted to see the positive feedback and engagement with clients,” said Lui.

As Zoom’s official reseller in Hong Kong and Taiwan, DYXnet Group continues promoting different Zoom solutions including webinars and all in one video conferencing system by partnering with different global leaders. With the shift to more remote working and online communication likely to become permanent, the need for advanced network and cloud technology will continue to be of crucial importance to support workplaces around the globe.


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