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“Our vision is to build the world’s largest digital gym platform,” said Oscar Wong, Co-founder of Eggplant Technologies.

He founded the company in 2014 out of a joint passion for fitness and technical engineering. Its mission is to help people build fitness into their daily lives by providing an engaging and effective workout experience from home.

To create a digital gym experience, the team at Eggplant Technologies focused on designing their smart home fitness brand, called Move It. This turns traditional workout equipment into smart devices that can track your movements. These Move It devices, which include smart dumbbells, skipping rope, boxing gloves, hula hoop, resistant bands, pushup bar, ab roller, and punch bags, are in turn connected to the Move It mobile app, which provides users with hundreds of workouts designed by professional personal trainers to use in the comfort of their own home.

By tracking workouts and organizing group competitions, Eggplant Technologies has also created and motivated a community of digital gym users through the Move It app. Their success in this area has also garnered the attention of tech giants such as Xiaomi. In fact, four of the ten smart home fitness products the company has launched in the past three years have been successfully launched through Xiaomi’s platform.

Although combining innovative software and hardware together to create an interactive workout experience is not uncharted territory in the fitness industry, the success of Move It is down to the experience of Eggplant Technologies’ team in both fitness and engineering, Wong said.

“Very few companies can do both hardware and software well, but Move It – with our founding teams that stack 20-plus years of hardware and software experience – brings both sides together seamlessly,” he said.

As a fairly new business, Eggplant Technologies has benefited from its membership of the Chamber as it has grown and developed. “HKGCC brings us helpful information and clarity about the business environment in Hong Kong, which is important for us to stay on top of the ever-changing markets,” said Wong.

The Covid-19 pandemic has been difficult for most companies, start-ups especially so, but Eggplant Technologies actually saw a growth in sales in 2020, in both the local Hong Kong and overseas markets. The company credits this to the growing demand for smart home fitness products as lockdowns and social-distancing measures became the norm around the world as well as an increasing focus on health.

“People are more health conscious in light of such a situation and they want to stay healthy to increase their immunity,” Wong explained.

While the increased demand has been very welcome, it also created some challenges for the company ranging from increased costs to delays in delivering products to customers. “Fortunately, we have been able to find solutions with help and support from our partners,” he added.

For its next move, Eggplant Technologies is currently working with Dorsett Hotels to bring in-hotel-room workouts to their guests and customers under quarantine. Residents will be able to request a Move It device to their room, connect the device to a screen, and make the most of their quarantine time to begin their fitness journey or to keep in shape.


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