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Knowledge to Help Businesses Stay Ahead

In a fast-paced world where knowledge is power, Euromonitor International plays a vital role by providing in-depth research that enables companies and consumers to stay abreast of ever-changing markets.

Founded in 1972 in London, Euromonitor has expanded over the years and today is a global market research company that provides intelligence covering more than 40 industries across 210 countries. The company’s Hong Kong base enables Euromonitor International to take advantage of the city’s status as an international financial centre and trading hub.

“The vast number of international companies with global and regional headquarters stationed in the city results in a huge demand for market research and strategy consulting solutions,” said General Manager Sabrina Sakhrani.

Euromonitor International Hong Kong joined the Chamber in 2020 to expand its network, and also to give back to the community through its knowledge and expertise.

“HKGCC is one of Hong Kong’s first and most diverse business associations,” Sakhrani said. “Being a part of the Chamber can help us connect with the business community in Hong Kong, provide the opportunity for us to build our network and also allow us to get an inside view of the Hong Kong business environment.”

As the business world is constantly changing, organizations must be quick on their feet to adapt to the latest technology and consumer trends. The importance of relevant and up-to-date information is amplified as a company grows. Business decisions can come at a cost if organizations do not have access to research to help them plan ahead.

“A common challenge organizations face during decision making is information asymmetry,” said Research Manager Herbert Yum. “In other words, businesses tend not to have enough information to make optimal decisions for their future business plans.”

Euromonitor aims to bridge that information gap by understanding its clients’ business objectives, and offering customised solutions.

And just as its clients want to stay on top of the competition, Euromonitor International has also been expanding its services by tapping into the tactical data space. Its recently launched pricing intelligence solution, Via, tracks more than 22 million SKUs (stock-keeping units) across consumer goods industries, allowing organizations to “highlight price changes, benchmark against competitors, and inform investment decisions by providing context to an ever-challenging e-commerce environment,” Sakhrani explained.


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