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Innovation and creativity are at the core of Planet Ninety Resources’ philosophy. The firm combines stylish interior design ideas with comprehensive smart solutions to provide consumers with a unique take on decor and technology.

“We believe that being innovative and not just imitating competitors are the keys to sustain the growth of our company,” said Business Development Manager Sam Chow.

To do this, Planet Ninety draws on expertise in information technology, electrical engineering and design. As IT plays an ever increasing role in our lives, it has also opened up more avenues for companies to provide tech-driven products for homes and offices that are stylish as well as useful.

Chow estimates that in 2025, there will be more than 30 billion IoT-connected devices in use around the world. The Internet of Things, or IoT, refers to devices that are linked with the internet and continuously exchange data – for example, air-con, lighting and security systems that can be controlled remotely through a mobile phone app.

“More importantly, we focus on what can be done with these devices, what information we can get, and how this data can be used,” said Chow. “There are unlimited possibilities when creating solutions designated for different industries in the near future.”

Fellow Chamber members have also helped the team at Planet Ninety to better understand the needs of different industries when it comes to using such technology. “HKGCC provides extensive platforms for members to exchange ideas, and we have become more aware of the community and its business issues,” Chow said.

Although the Covid-19 pandemic has created challenges for every industry, it has also given companies an opportunity to find alternative ways to operate and find new customers.

For Planet Ninety, the cancellation of trade shows led to them shifting their focus from mostly B2B to a more B2C approach, Chow said.

Capitalizing on social media advertising and e-commerce trends has also yielded results. He explained that research has shown that although consumers had begun shifting demand away from leisure and clothing products, they are still willing to spend money on home improvement and entertainment.

“We believe that some new consumer habits may become permanently entrenched, as the customers progressively switch to e-commerce,” Chow said. “The result reflects that our efforts in this area have paid off.”

The emergence of new technologies also means that competition is also fiercer, as the barrier of entry for new players on the market is lower. Chow said that in order to stand out, businesses must learn to differentiate their offerings from their competitors. The team at Planet Ninety study the global consumer electronics market every week, as well as keeping up-to-date with interior design trends. When team members spot unique designs and ideas, they contact the creators for further research, evaluation and possibly partnerships.

“Our duty is to gather, screen out, and deliver the most unique products found around the world to the people here in Hong Kong,” said Chow. “Whenever people think of the latest smart gadgets or stylish home decor, hopefully Planet Ninety will be the first thing that comes to their minds.”


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