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The company’s flagship product, the AQUA PRO+TECH sanitizing spray, uses state-of-the-art technology from Japan to create a multi-functional, colourless, odourless and irritant-free disinfectant. This patented spray has passed a series of international tests and is effective in killing 99.99% of bacteria and viruses, including particles from the new coronavirus.

What makes Aqua Plus stand out is that it places a heavy emphasis on providing environmentally conscious products. Unlike many sanitizing products on the market, the AQUA PRO+TECH spray does not contain alcohol or harsh chemicals, so is safe for use around children and people with allergies. Consumers face a lot of choice in this market, which can create confusion.

“The general public may not be able to recognize the difference between the products and usage scenarios,” said Aqua Plus Co-Founder Zacharias Cheng. “We believe that products based on scientific principles and professional laboratory approvals are the most attractive to users in the long run.”

As the company and its products are quite new to the market in Hong Kong, Aqua Plus decided to join the Chamber to further grow its presence and build relationships through the extensive HKGCC network. “The Chamber’s overseas network also helps us to expand our overseas markets,” said Cheng.

Since the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, Aqua Plus has continued to experiment and research methods to combat the virus. A new product is an intelligent disinfection station that can disinfect a participant’s clothes from head to toe. For organizations, this provides a one-stop solution to enable them to maintain service during the outbreak.

This technology was quickly put to use following an outbreak of the epidemic in Tsz Wan Shan Market in July. The owners of the market immediately contacted Aqua Plus to install a disinfection station at the entrance of the market following its reopening.

“We were very pleased that no customers were infected with the disease in the market after the application of various disease prevention measures,” said Cheng.


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