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The Path to Sustainable Energy

CLPe Solutions’ services now span beyond electrical and mechanical solutions to include energy management, and distributed and renewable energy solutions, just to name a few. This is in line with the company’s efforts to combat climate change, which has become one of the greatest challenges of our time.

As companies increasingly seek ways to incorporate sustainability into their operations, energy efficiency and conservation have risen to the top of their concerns. This in turn, has presented many opportunities for CLPe Solutions to come up with technological innovations to help their clients tackle the challenges of global warming.

“We aim to address the need for energy transition in a changing world to battle against climate change,” said Keisser.

In practice, this means the company offers a range of smart solutions that use technologies such as AI and IoT to save energy – including the Smart Sensing Automation Solution, and Heating, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning Analytics.

Looking forward, CLPe Solutions aims to collaborate with different partners to deliver more smart energy and infrastructure solutions to customers, to help them adapt to the growing demand for sustainable power. All businesses in Hong Kong will have to take action so the city can meet its emissions reduction targets, and HKGCC’s network enables members to share their experience on this journey.

“The Chamber is well recognised in the business community and it has a diverse membership with members coming from different sectors,” said Keisser. “It is a perfect platform for us to interact and exchange ideas with commercial and industrial enterprises about smart energy and sustainability.”


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