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Established in three of the world’s most iconic cities – Hong Kong, Lausanne and Paris – the Longines Masters Series is recognized as one of the most prestigious equestrian events in the world.

Behind this series is EEM, the series’ creator, owner and organizer. Founded in 1997 by President and Founder Christophe Ameeuw out of his passion for equestrian sports, the organization started as a stable called Ecuries d’Ecaussinnes. Based in Belgium, the stable today holds an international reputation for high-end breeding and trading of competition horses, as well as for its academy that provides high-level equestrian training.

The organization has since then gone on to create the “Masters” series, which aims to “bring together under one roof the best of show jumping, entertainment and lifestyle experience,” explained Agnes Yu, EEM Asia Director.

The Longines Masters Series has rapidly developed internationally since its inception and now features show jumping competitions, lifestyle events, gastronomy and even contemporary art. It is recognized by the International Federation for Equestrian Sports (FEI) and is broadcast in more than 130 countries, reaching up to 320 million households around the world. In 2013, EEM decided to extend its global reach by bringing a new stage to Hong Kong, with the Longines Masters of Hong Kong becoming Asia’s first five-star show-jumping competition.

With the Longines Masters Series being on the international stage, EEM is challenged each year with not only maintaining the top level of competition but also including new elements and experiences for their athletes and visitors to Hong Kong.

“When we organize the event we first have to think globally and locally.” said Yu. “As Hong Kong has a strong connection with lifestyle experiences, we take particular care in connecting the equestrian world to the corporate world, the fashion world and the gastronomy world.”

Hong Kong’s strong connections to businesses across these various sectors was also one of the reasons behind EEM’s decision to join the Chamber. “We believe a strong network is a key success factor for any business,” shared Yu.

Although this year’s Masters event in Hong Kong, due to take place in February, was cancelled because of the coronavirus outbreak, the organization remains focused on the Asia market with a variety of programmes.

Besides the Longines Masters Series, EEM also has another project specific to Asia, The Asia Horse Week. Created in 2018, The Asia Horse Week aims to bring together the world’s foremost industry experts and riders with fans under one roof for the development of the industry in the Asia-Pacific region.

In the future, EEM aims to continue bringing in different elements of horse sports and performance to Asia. In the near future, an Asian Arabian Horse Show will premier in Hong Kong. At this event, for the first time, guests will have the opportunity to experience the pinnacle of equestrian beauty and excellence through one of the oldest horse breeds in the world at the AsiaWorld-Expo.


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