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Energy Supply in a Changing World

A subsidiary of Sinopec in Mainland China, Sinopec Hong Kong supplies aviation fuel, marine fuel, industrial diesel and liquefied petroleum gas across the region. Working under the principle of “rooted in Hong Kong, serving Hong Kong,” the company joined the Chamber in 2019 to leverage HKGCC’s social and business networks to explore opportunities for joint development with fellow members.

Sinopec Hong Kong operates under its corporate mission of “Better Energy, Better Life.” Local residents will be familiar with the company’s oil and gas retail networks that cover Hong Kong Island, Kowloon and the New Territories.

The past 30 years have seen Sinopec Hong Kong successfully grow its key businesses of trading refined oil products. However, like most businesses, it has faced many new challenges in the past year.

“Under the impact of the COVID-19 epidemic, Hong Kong has been suffering from increasing downward pressure on the economy and a shrinking demand for oil and gas consumption in the local market,” said General Manager Jicong Li.

Sinopec Hong Kong has also had to create innovative solutions to keep up with the ever-changing patterns for energy demand. As part of its commitment to a green and low carbon development strategy, Sinopec Hong Kong has a high-performance precision LPG filtration system as well as Hong Kong’s first nationally approved petroleum product laboratory.

Besides a greener approach to business, Sinopec Hong Kong has also been helping to protect the local environment through its “Hong Kong Beach and Country Park Concerning Group” initiative.

Since 2012, volunteers taking part in this programme have participated in more than 100 cleaning activities in the many beaches and country parks located in Hong Kong.

“Sinopec will continue its support and service to Hong Kong, adhere to the concept of green development, and promote the long-term prosperity of Hong Kong,” said Li.


Company : Sinopec (Hong Kong) Ltd

HKGCC Membership No. : HKS0660

Established : 1989

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