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Boutique Approach to Human Resources

Passionate about delivering bespoke solutions for smaller businesses, Elsie Yung started her human resources consulting firm due to her belief that there was a need to specialize and streamline HR processes for SMEs.

“By developing teams to be highly engaged and capable, we help business owners focus their time on growing their business,” Yung explained.

As a boutique firm, Elsyung Consulting uses a very hands-on approach to identifying problems and finding the best solutions. Yung, along with the firm’s seasoned partners, personally visits clients to learn about the needs of each organization. The company’s holistic programmes have helped teams and individuals to develop business etiquette, diversity and inclusion, cultural awareness, as well as personal branding.

“We differentiate ourselves from other consulting companies through our relevant experience that allows us to truly understand the needs of business owners,” she said.

Yung has been in the HR field for 25 years, and credits much of her success to Taoist philosophies. She has incorporated these principles into many of Elsyung Consulting’s development programmes.

“Lao Tzu’s invaluable gift empowers us to adopt positive thinking, embrace change, and be flexible and resilient,” Yung said. “The ancient wisdom is profoundly relevant in today’s workplace and society.”

One of the prime guiding philosophies at Elsyung Consulting is the concept of Dao, meaning “path” in Chinese. By working closely with clients, the team at Elsyung Consulting aims to find the most suitable “Dao” for their clients’ businesses, personal brands and careers.

Amid an ever-changing business environment, flexibility is key when facing new and unprecedented challenges, Yung said. It is especially important, now more than ever, for SMEs to streamline their HR processes and learn how to get the most out of their organization and individual brands.

HKGCC has many SMEs among its membership, so Yung saw joining the Chamber and the SME Committee as an opportunity to share her experience in the HR field with fellow members.

As Elsyung Consulting operates across Asia, “it has also been beneficial to join the Asia & Africa Committee to attain more insights about the business opportunities within those regions,” she added.


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Established : 2019

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