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Printing Without the Waste

After attending an exhibition in the mid-2010s, Edward Yeung was shocked to see the amount of waste that had been left behind after the event. This spurred him to shift gears with Artech Graphics and pursue the goal of delivering environmentally friendly product packaging solutions.

The company, launched in 1994, first specialized in providing pre-press solutions, including colour management, packaging design, and packaging mock-up production to companies in Hong Kong and Mainland China. In more recent years, with their increased emphasis on sustainability, Yeung and his team also work to find ways to reduce waste production, while at the same time maintaining their high level of production quality

In the mid-2000s, printing entered the digital age, and Artech was among the first firms in Hong Kong to adapt and make use of the new technologies available. This quick adoption of new solutions earned them a name among graphics and printing services in Hong Kong and southern China, especially in colour management solutions for packaging businesses.

“For Artech, our role is being a reliable and professional consultant who can provide practical solutions,” said Yeung. This was a primary motivator for them to join HKGCC, as Yeung explained, “the connection to the Chamber’s network of members and the valuable information provided by the Chamber can strengthen our business.”

In 2019, the firm won the Innovation and Creativity Award at the Hong Kong Awards for Industries for their “Eco Decor Solution,” which uses environmentally friendly methods to create new displays and exhibition panels.

“This was a most valuable and concrete form of recognition that gave us the confidence in continuing our business,” said Yeung.

Hong Kong is a key location for arts and graphic design in the region, and has the advantage of being close to southern China, where many printing centres are located. However, in recent years, production has been shifting to other countries such as Vietnam, India and Cambodia.

“The shift would mean that we are losing our edge here in Hong Kong in terms of communication and price,” said Yeung. This is not the only challenge facing the industry right now, as the Covid-19 pandemic means that many events and exhibitions have been rescheduled or cancelled.

But Artech Graphics is taking a positive path in response to the changing business environment. The company plans to expand into digital marketing, while continuing to explore the latest eco-friendly materials to stay ahead of the curve.

Company: Artech Graphics

HKGCC Membership No.: HKA0899

Established: 2018


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