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Goodbye to Single Use

Meeting the needs of today’s consumers without compromising the delicate ecosystem of the planet is a challenge for businesses around the world.

But it is also an opportunity, as more and more people are interested in a sustainable lifestyle.

Lexington Limited designs eco-friendly lifestyle products with the aim of creating a better environment and to nurture the well-being of the current and future generations. The company’s house brand, Lexngo, includes products such as reusable drinking straws, foldable drinking bottles/mugs, collapsible lunch boxes and shopping bags.

“Lexngo incorporates product design into daily lifestyle products that encourages the reduction in consumption of one-off disposable products,” said Co-founder and Director Carlotta Wong.

In recent years, awareness of environmental issues and the damage done to the planet by disposable plastic has increased significantly. As the public has become more educated on these matters, consumers have also begun to look for good quality products and brands that align with their increasingly environmentally conscious values.

“At Lexngo, we incorporate the three ‘R’s into our product designs – the ecological concepts of reduce, reuse and recycle”, said Wong. “This coincides with our business motto: ‘Buy better, Buy less,’ which aims to lessen the burden on Earth’s limited resources”.

With its offices in Hong Kong and Singapore and manufacturing facilities in Guangdong, Lexington Limited aims to spread environmental awareness through the promotion of their Lexngo brand through Hong Kong, Mainland China, Asia and ASEAN countries. This mission to spread the message is an important part of what the company does.

So, in addition to producing eco-friendly consumer products, the firm has also made a number of educational videos and held CSR events with various organizations and non-government bodies, in order to give back to the community.

“Society can experience behavioral changes if solutions are provided and education efforts are increased,” said Wong.

By joining HKGCC, Lexington Limited aims to connect with like-minded members of the Chamber’s network. Cooperation with other companies will help to nurture the development of an eco-friendly business community in Hong Kong and beyond, for the benefit of generations to come.


Company: Lexington Ltd 

HKGCC Membership No.: HKL0634

Established: 1989


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