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“People have a misconception that AI, robotics and automation can directly replace tasks currently being done by people,” said Ryan Chan, Sales Director at SoftBank Robotics Hong Kong.

This is not quite the case. Chan explained that, rather than taking over, such advanced technologies can save time by making normal operations more efficient.

“The best AI and robotics projects should take minimal efforts in integrating into current workflows and processes, and deliver significant productivity that is not feasible for people to do by themselves,” he explained. “Softbank Robotics focuses on creating robotic solutions to benefit our day-to-day lives.”

A good example of this is Whiz, SoftBank Robotics’ flagship product. Whiz is an autonomous vacuum cleaner for commercial use that uses a custom-made AI platform. Designed to optimize workflows in the cleaning industry, Whiz can record up to 600 different cleaning routes. For the robot’s first use, janitors perform their usual cleaning routines with Whiz. The cleaning robot then stores these routes in its system so it can clean these areas automatically in the future.

Whiz can now be found in operation at a number of locations in Hong Kong, including Cyberport and the Hong Kong International Airport.

Chan credits the team’s success in the robotics field to the company’s willingness to “create an open-dialogue environment to embrace new ideas, encourage employees to explore new challenges, and be imaginative.”

In line with the company’s motto: “The power of robotics to benefit humanity,” SoftBank Robotics aims to continue developing solutions that will accelerate business performance. Ultimately, it hopes to make everyone’s lives easier, safer and more connected through the use of robotics technology.

The company was established in Japan and now has more than 500 employees globally, with offices in the United States, Shanghai and Europe as well as Hong Kong. Besides Hong Kong’s advantages such as its global connectivity, it is also an extremely fast-paced city, with people who are constantly looking for ways to increase productivity, Chan said. This makes it an ideal environment for SoftBank Robotics to push forward with its research into robotics and strive for ever-improving efficiency.

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