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A hub of creators seeking to break boundaries and create novel experiences, local media studio IOIO Creative was founded in 2015.

It specializes in creating interactive media experiences for a range of clients including museums, exhibitions and corporate events.

A diverse mix of talent make up IOIO’s staff, with experts in design, technology and the arts, creating a cross-disciplinary team.

“Clients value how our hybrid skill sets contribute to our experience and innovation,” said Director Ron Siu.

Having a cross-disciplinary team is an important asset in the creative sector in Hong Kong, and the minds at IOIO are intent on making the most of the team’s expertise.

“We do not uphold a single formula as a mighty solution,” said Siu. “Instead, we treasure every chance to study a new challenge from multiple angles given the spectrum of our skills, which is vital for creating novel stories.”

This philosophy can be seen in practice in their various exhibits at the Water Resources Education Centre. In collaboration with the Water Services Department in 2019, these exhibits are committed to stressing the importance of water conservation as well as enhancing the younger generation’s knowledge of water resources. “IOIO is engaged in producing an educational experience comprising exhibits, live demonstrations, and interactive games,” said Siu.

Vanke Phoenix Mountain Showsuite is another example of where IOIO has created an interactive and innovative experience. It is located in the multimedia room at Vanke Emerald Park, a high-end residential project in Fuzhou, Fujian province. It includes a phoenix-shaped kinetic installation, equipped with ultra-wide projection, intricate lighting and fans. This mechanical phoenix interacts with the projections around it to tell the ancient creation myths of the city.

Their core philosophy led IOIO to join HKGCC to connect with companies from various fields and regional markets. “We hope to create a substantial innovative culture with the Chamber’s members,” said Siu.

IOIO has plans to scale up its projects in the months and years ahead with various local museums, as well as increasing its efforts on outreach in Mainland China, Singapore and beyond. “Our interim goal is to get into the 2025 World Expo [in Osaka, Japan] and tell stories to the next generation,” said Siu.


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