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The Art of Negotiation

Negotiation is always tricky. Getting an agreement that is the best for you or your client – and that the other side is also happy with – is a balancing act requiring skill and tact.

Dealing with people from different countries and cultures, and using different languages, can make the process even more difficult. Negotiators with cross-cultural experience and networks are therefore at an advantage.

Established in 2017, Avantagents is a negotiations consultancy founded by Jean-Baptiste Deal, specializing in the fields of procurement, sales and investment. Its clients range from SMEs to major corporations. 

“At Avantagents, our company strengths are a unique combination of attributes: language, culture, negotiation, network and integrity,” said Deal. 

A native of France, Deal’s interest in China led him to studyMandarin in Beijing and then to earn an MBA from HKUST in 2012. Having spent a few years living in the Mainland, he decided to move to Hong Kong, and to launch Avantagents in the city.

Deal noticed that foreign businesses trying to enter into the Chinese market often met with language and cultural differences that prevented them from fully understanding and effectively communicating with investors. 

“Often times, buyers and sellers are both frustrated but do not openly say so, in order to protect their working relationships,” said Deal. 

The team at Avantagents works together with their clients to identify project objectives and build tailor-made plans for measurable results. This helps maximize efficiency in communication between both parties.

Priding themselves on their range of expertise, the crew at Avantagents have all been actively involved in commercial negotiations with hands-on experience in China. 

“We are experts in languages and possess an exceptional understanding of the culture of the countries in which we operate,” said Deal.

In addition to offering services to businesses trying to enter the competitive market in China, Avantagents also provides help to Chinese companies who are seeking to gain a foothold in Europe. 

To this end, the company is also a partner of Access Alsace, a French regional government agency based in China. In this role, Avantagents regularly participates in major summits and events hosted in the Mainland, to connect with Chinese companies and help them expand their businesses into France. 

“Our mission is to provide support to Hong Kong and Chinese companies wishing to set up operations at the heart of Europe,” said Deal.

As Hong Kong provides a dynamic working environment and a unique location to act as a bridge between global powers, Deal saw that there were many opportunities here when it came to doing business in the region. And HKGCC helps find these opportunities by growing the company’s network.

In fact, underlining the power of connections, it was Deal’s personal network that introduced him to the Chamber.

“One of my HKUST MBA alumni friends highly recommended me to join for the quality of the people we meet at HKGCC,” said Deal.

Company: Avantagents Ltd

HKGCC Membership No.: HKA0890

Established: 2017