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Boutique Service and a Nimble Attitude

Founded in 1997, Dundons Solicitors is a boutique commercial law firm located in the heart of Central. Headed by Founding Partner Christopher Dundon and Managing Partner Angela Shiu, the firm provides a variety of legal services including dispute resolution, litigation, and advisory and transactional matters for clients ranging from local SMEs to multinational corporations. 

“Our firm has particular expertise in food and beverage, corporate finance and the entertainment sectors, just to name a few,” said Dundon.

He explained that the advantage of being a boutique law firm is that Dundons Solicitors can offer more individualized and tailored services. 

“We build long-standing relationships with our clients, acting as their trusted legal adviser,” said Shiu. “We work to ensure that transactions and businesses are well-structured and positioned to advance our clients’ business goals and protect their interests.”

Although it operates across many sectors, the firm is particularly well regarded in the food and beverage industry, having advised clients ranging from start-ups to international hotel corporations. 

“The best experience we have had is growing with our clients,” said Dundon. “We have had many clients that have started off as business ideas and have grown to be substantial Hong Kong success stories.” 

The firm is now looking to adapt to the advances in technology seen across multiple industries and now becoming more common in the legal world. The use of artificial intelligence, in particular, is on the rise and is becoming an increasingly prevalent in the legal profession. Analytics technology and machine learning are now being used by many firms to help in making contract review more accurate, to submit paperwork, and to make the legal space overall more efficient. 

Both partners said that they welcome these changes in the industry, which they expect will provide more opportunities for Dundons Solicitors.

“The challenges for all lawyers will be the adoption of artificial intelligence into legal services,” Dundon added. “We believe it will benefit the nimbler firms such as ours rather than the legal behemoths”.  

Dundons Solicitors joined HKGCC in 2017, as they believed the Chamber can help them to connect with a wide range of people from different industries. “We can explore new business opportunities and keep ourselves abreast of the industry information HKGCC shares with its members,” said Shiu. 

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Established : 1997
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