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Diagnosis for Success

PHASE Scientific has since then expanded globally and chosen to locate its headquarters in Hong Kong – where it can gain better access to China’s growing healthcare market – while retaining a base in California.

The company’s innovations in the biotechnology sector have received the backing of organizations including the U.S. National Institute of Health, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the U.S. National Science Foundation.

“We are a biotech company that takes pride in having developed a best-in-class, ground-breaking sample preparation technology,” said Chairman and CEO Ricky Chiu. 

One of the current applications for the company’s technology is in sample preparation for liquid biopsy, a crucial part of the cancer diagnostic process. Validation results showed that the cfDNA extraction kit PHASE has developed for liquid biopsy improves efficiency several times beyond the existing industry gold standard. This capability can unlock many new applications in cancer diagnostics, and has the potential to realize recurrence monitoring and early cancer screening. 

 “We believe that everyone should have access to better diagnostic tools and knowledge about their health,” said Chiu. “Better information, in the hands of more people, facilitates better decision-making, empowers action and engenders change.” 

Chiu believes that the company’s technology and products will help bring about a significant change to the health sector, and to people’s lives.  

“Healthcare will be focused on prevention, rather than treatment,” Chiu said, “and diseases will be managed by advanced diagnostics that are developed or powered by PHASE Scientific.”  

Chiu said that the company prides itself on its product performance, which is “superior to the current gold standard.”  For example, the PHASIFY product will not only benefit academia and research labs but will also greatly impact advancements in precision therapy selection, recurrence monitoring, and early cancer screening.

“The technology can also make any diagnostic test more affordable, accessible, faster, easier and more accurate,” he said.

Chui added that the company’s culture and its international teams and partners play an important role in the success of PHASE Scientific. “Strong communication and trust with each other enabled us to expand rapidly and operate effectively across the globe,” he said. 

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