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Strollers for the City

Founded in 2009 in France by a group of five fathers, BABYZEN was born out of an ambition to create a product that would make parenting easier. The idea came to Co-founder and CEO Julien Chaudeurge in 2001 when he bought a stroller for his newborn son. But when moving around the streets, he found it to be bulky and inconvenient. 

Recognizing a need for a simple and more compact product, he quickly got to work with his father, Jean Michel, and created a new generation of strollers designed to fit the needs of today’s urban landscape. 

Xavier de Bure, Managing Director and another of the company’s co-founders, is based in Hong Kong. 

“Our mission is to create products to make the daily lives of parents easier and to help them reach their personal and family goals,” he said. 

In 2012, BABYZEN introduced  YOYO, which has since then taken the industry by storm. This all-in-one stroller can transform into three modes, so it can be used from birth to toddler, and also as a car seat. As YOYO is designed specifically for urban parents, Hong Kong is the perfect landscape to showcase its capabilities and features. 

“Mobility is something we often relate to in Hong Kong, and being able to manoeuvre around the city with ease is a huge consideration point for urban parents,” said de Bure. YOYO is foldable and can even be carried as hand luggage on flights, making it ideal for travelling as well as everyday use.

The company’s products are currently distributed in 85 countries across five continents, and over 2,600 retail points. de Bure said that they work closely with their partners around the world to ensure global brand consistency and that the key to success is to “understand your market, your consumers, and stay focused on what their needs are through thoughtful innovation.” 

BABYZEN has always had an office in Hong Kong as its regional headquarters. Since joining HKGCC in 2018, its staff members have participated in several events to keep them up-to-date on the ever-changing business environment. 

“The growingly complicated international relations can sometimes be a challenge for smaller organizations such as ours, and HKGCC can help us make better decisions by offering information and clarity,” de Bure said. 

Company: BABYZEN
HKGCC Membership No.: HKB0544
Established: 2008

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