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A Passion For Tax

A Passion For Tax

Candy Tuen, a partner at JFU Consultants (Hong Kong) Ltd, embarked on her fruitful career as an accountant by accident.

“It was a misunderstanding when I applied for a job at an accounting firm,” said the business mathematics graduate.

The job description – for one of the ‘big four’ firms – had asked for a maths background. Despite not realizing that the role was in accountancy, Tuen got the job. But after starting, she discovered that she had not just an aptitude but also a passion for tax, especially in the area of transfer pricing, which involves setting prices for international transactions between related companies of multinationals.

“This area does require knowledge of business maths!” she added.

JFU Consultants was founded in 2006 by a group of experienced taxation professionals, and Tuen was their first external hire. “It was quite an achievement to be the first staff member to join JFU,” she said.

In the ten years since she joined the firm, JFU has expanded its presence in Mainland China, where it aims to promote good accounting and business ethics practice among Mainland companies.

Besides providing traditional accounting services, tax and risk are the service focus of the firm. JFU’s founding partners strongly believe that enterprise risk management can protect and enhance a company’s value.

In a rapidly changing business environment, JFU Consultants is working to ensure that it keeps up with technology advances.

“We intend to convert from being a traditional consulting service – which is knowledge-based and people-driven – into an innovative firm which is technology-based and solutions-driven,” said Tuen. “JFU will focus on developing technology-based solutions in the risk and tax areas. By sharing these with our business associates we can also serve the business community.”

JFU joined the Chamber in 2008. “The partners wanted to keep in touch with the Hong Kong business community by joining HKGCC, which is one of the most reputable business associations here,” Tuen said, adding that the Chamber’s diverse base of members including many top-tier business leaders was among the attractions.

Tuen also noted that the Chamber can act as a voice and connector for member companies of all sizes.

“Being a small firm with an ambitious vision, we do hope HKGCC can help us present our thoughts and what we can do for other members and for our communities.”


Company: JFU Consultant (Hong Kong) Ltd

HKGCC Membership No.: HKJ0237

Established: 2006年



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