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Breath of Fresh Air

Back in 1988, when Vesa Makipaa set up Lifa Air in Helsinki, Finland, few people were concerned about indoor air quality. Since then, the company has been at the forefront in creating healthier living environments as awareness about air pollution has grown around the world. 

Lifa Air’s products include car air purifiers, personal masks and stand-alone smart air purifiers. The company aims to provide clean air to customers throughout the whole day, from when they wake up after a good night’s sleep, through work, study and transport.

“People spend nearly all of their time indoors; therefore, it is critical to have fresh and clean air at home, in schools, kindergartens, hospitals, offices and even vehicles,” said Makipaa. 

“Clean indoor air not only can benefit people’s health, but also increases productivity of workers and students. Hence, it’s a lucrative investment with high returns,” he added. 

Ambitions to grow the company globally led Makipaa to the Asia market. He chose Hong Kong as the location for the company’s Regional Headquarters in 2004, and moved here himself in 2009. He then established a joint venture company in Mainland China in 2015, focusing on consumer air purifiers.

Within a short period, Lifa Air has become one of the largest air purifier brands in the Chinese Mainland and in Hong Kong. 

“A couple of years back, only a few people in China had ever heard about PM2.5,” said Makipaa. “Now, is there anyone who doesn’t know what it is?”

Joining the Chamber was a “natural step” the company took in 2015 as their business in Asia grew. “Successful business is nowadays more and more about connections.”

Innovation is another key to the company’s success, according to Makipaa, and it has led the way in achieving global industry and environmental standards. In terms of innovative products, Lifa Air will soon launch a bedroom air purifier equipped with a smart control system that will automatically adjust the machine according to the carbon dioxide or PM2.5 levels. “The need for opening windows will become obsolete as the machine will always bring fresh and clean air inside whenever needed.” He expects this new product will be a success in Hong Kong.

“You never eat spoiled food and drink only water from safe sources,” Makipaa said. “Why then take the risk with your air?”  

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