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Building a People Business

Like many expats, James Donnan initially came to Hong Kong on a short-term contract but enjoyed the dynamic environment so much he decided to stay. Ten years after arriving from Sydney, he and his family now call the city home.   

Donnan joined Intertrust Hong Kong Ltd in 2015 and was appointed Managing Director in February this year. Intertrust is headquartered in the Netherlands, and today its 2,500 professionals offer high-value corporate and financial services in 28 countries around the world. In Hong Kong, more than 160 specialists provide diversified services such as fund administration, trust and corporate services to a range of clients including multinationals, asset managers, financial institutions and business entrepreneurs.

Under Donnan’s leadership, “people” and “clients” are the core pillars of the company’s mission. On the client side, Intertrust is a firm that is focused on the efficient delivery of market-leading quality services. Looking after its staff is just as important, and the company is developing a high-performing team to serve its growing client base. 

“Our business is a ‘people business.’ Therefore, our objective is to be a firm that focuses on attracting and retaining industry-best talent,” said Donnan. “We do this by offering a successful and rewarding career to staff through professional development, flexible work arrangements and a staff-led community program.” 

An example of this is the Intertrust Academy, which offers programs covering technical training, leadership development and relationship management skills. Intertrust also offers its employees a fun and productive office environment and a culture founded on trust, openness and collaboration.
Intertrust Hong Kong Ltd made the “logical decision” to become a corporate member of HKGCC in 2007.

“The Chamber provides a platform for us to connect with the business community from different industries, from SMEs to large corporations, not only in Hong Kong, but around the world,” Donnan said. “And the professional activities that it organizes help our team expand their business networks and keep abreast of market trends and developments.” 

Over the years, we have helped businesses overcome adversity and thrive locally, in Mainland China and internationally.

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