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A Touch of In-Flight Luxury

Spotting a gap in the market for in-flight amenity kits with a touch of luxury led FORMIA to its successful niche in the airline supplies sector. The company partners with global brands to create indulgent kits that serve as high-end gifts as well as providing useful items for travelers.

“Business people travel all the time,” said Roland Grohmann, CEO and Managing Partner of FORMIA. “Flying is an experience that had become commoditised, with hardly any differentiation for passengers.”

Before he joined FORMIA, Grohmann had worked in the airline industry for a number of years and been involved in a company that supplied a wide range of products. His experience led him to conclude that specialization is important, especially for in-flight comfort kits, so the company evolved to focus on luxury items and tailor-made designs.

“The amenity kit is the only item in the in-flight experience that is a gift to keep, and where there is more freedom for creativity, design and branding,” he said. “The functionality and collectability of these comfort kits are aspects I wanted to explore and innovate with FORMIA.”

The sector changes constantly as opportunities for innovation and creativity emerge, and the company continues to develop new products beyond comfort and beauty items.

“Technology is currently leading the innovation of on-board products,” Grohmann said. “Soon enough, virtual/augmented reality and multi-use products will be as much a part of our industry as the humble lip balm.”

Recent developments for FORMIA include amenity kits for children and entering the sleep and loungewear sector.

The company joined the Chamber as a corporate member in 2007.

“As FORMIA was relatively new in the city at the time, it was important to be part of the local business community to build our name,” Grohmann said.

“Not only does the HKGCC offer great brand awareness and exposure, but also valuable members we can connect with. Together, we keep Hong Kong’s corporate community close and further develop it to be the best in the world.”

Company:FORMIA Airline Supplies Ltd

HKGCC Membership No. :HKF0356



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