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The Power of Partnership

Equiom may be a relatively new name in the professional services sector in Hong Kong, but Laure Mathieu is no stranger to the business and finance fields in Asia.

“I have spent over 15 years in the region and my expertise lies in developing a wealth of European clients that operate in Hong Kong,” said Mathieu, the firm’s Head of Business Development in Asia. “Going forward, my goal is to expand our client base to ensure a more regional and global reach.”

The company was established in the Isle of Man in 1978 and has grown into a global operation with offices in 15 jurisdictions around the world. It entered the Asian market in 2015 with the acquisition of local firm AFP.

Mathieu joined Equiom in 2016 after her own business, which she established in 2010, was acquired by the company.

In Hong Kong, Equiom focuses on private trusts and foundations, company set-up and secretarial services, bookkeeping and accounting, payroll, tax compliance and tax advisory.

Mathieu said that Hong Kong’s low taxation and minimal government intervention, together with its robust banking and legal systems, make it a “a premium hub” for doing business throughout Asia. “It will continue to grow as the base for both our international and regional business.”

Equiom joined HKGCC mainly for its broad business network that includes top-tier corporations and high-net-worth individuals.

“We believe in the power of collaboration and partnership,” Mathieu said. The Chamber’s networking events enable the company to interact with a wide range of fellow members and connect with key stakeholders across different industries.

“Equiom values these interactions as we see ourselves as partners for our clients, rather than a service provider alone,” Mathieu said. She added that the business operates on a high level of trust, so understanding the needs of clients and keeping informed of the latest developments is essential.

Membership of the Chamber also provides the company with enhanced visibility in the Hong Kong marketplace.

“HKGCC gives us a platform to be visible in front of our clients so we can demonstrate our values and the impact we have,” Mathieu said, “but most importantly to establish ourselves as a key player in the professional services industry.”

Equiom enjoys attending the Chamber’s talks and networking events, and plans to become more active in the future.

“We look forward to interacting with members from different backgrounds, and the best practice knowledge that we will gain from it,” she said.


Company: Equiom Holdings (Hong Kong) Ltd

HKGCC Membership No.:HKE0484


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