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Simon To started his business with a tiny office in Hong Kong 38 years ago. Today, he is the Chairman and CEO of World Wide Stationery Mfg Co Ltd, and, having expanded into the food and beverage industry, he now has his sights on the FMCG market.

The company remains a major player in the stationery sector. It is now one of the largest manufacturers of ring metal, providing thousands of premium ring metal models used in stationery binders all over the world.

This success can be credited to To’s firm belief in quality, which dates back to when he first set up the business. He decided to serve the market with only the best-quality ring metal products within reasonable price ranges. This principle helped the company to gain its reputation in the industry.

To also believes in the importance of treasuring human assets.

“Our employees are our most valuable asset.” he said. “When you treat and reward your employees fairly and transparently, they will have a positive perception towards their jobs and the company, which can raise the company’s productivity and efficiency.”

To’s belief in quality also extends to the group’s food and beverage business, World Wide Dining. It now owns three restaurants: Sing Kee Seafood Restaurant, with branches in Central and Wan Chai, and Penthouse in Causeway Bay, which specializes in Western cuisine.

With fine and fresh food, together with exceptional wines, the restaurants offer a superior dining experience. Penthouse and the Central branch of Sing Kee Seafood Restaurant have even been listed in the Michelin Guide for two years running.

World Wide Stationery joined the Chamber in 1996 in order to gain greater exposure to new areas of the export and stationery businesses. To said that the Chamber-hosted events and programs provide them with not only useful industry news and insight, but also networking opportunities to enable them get to know different suppliers and customers. The Chamber is one of the trustworthy business partners that the company can rely on, he said.

“In return, we would be happy to share updated market news with fellow members at the Chamber when needs arise,” To added. “We believe that this is how we can strengthen Hong Kong’s export business as a whole.”

Looking forward, To is now busy making plans to start a daily use products business.

“We always want to create something that can help make people’s daily life happier and easier,” he said. “This can be challenging, yet exciting. World Wide Daily is the first brand we have created for the FMCG market. My long-term goal is to keep delivering various new and creative daily use products covering various categories in the coming future.”


Company: World Wide Stationery Mfg Co Ltd

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