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Eleven corporations – ranging from banks to container terminal operators – got together in 1988 with the common vision of promoting e-commerce to facilitate trade in Hong Kong, which resulted in the establishment of Tradelink Electronic Commerce Limited.

Over the years, Tradelink has earned the trust and support of the trading community, helping it remain the dominant player in the e-commerce market. With a mission to empower its clients with e-solutions for their commercial and financial activities, its business areas have diversified beyond the provision of Government Electronic Trading Services to identity management, logistics platforms and smart point-of-sale solutions.

With decades of experience gained in both the public and commercial sectors, K K Tse assumed the position of CEO at Tradelink in 2015.

The company joined the Chamber in 2014 to cope with the changing needs of its clients and to maintain its competitiveness. Tradelink is also committed to helping the local community in Hong Kong, a goal it has been able to fulfill through Chamber activities.

“There is a very fundamental question I have always been curious about, that is, how the efforts of our commercial activities could enrich local communities,” Tse said.

Tradelink has been playing an active role at the Chamber since it joined. This year, it participated in the Business-School Partnership Programme, under which Tse delivered a talk to more than 200 senior secondary students at Raimondi College, sharing his experience and providing advice.

 “I have always found HKGCC a very energetic chamber in Hong Kong, doing a lot of bridge-building work for the members,” he said. “I’m also glad to see its recent efforts in supporting local communities, such as nurturing our next generations through the Business-School Partnership Programme.”

Tse added that he appreciates the wide range of Chamber-hosted workshops and seminars, which help update his colleagues’ knowledge and understanding of the current local business environment.


Company: Tradelink Electronic Commerce Ltd

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