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As one of the oldest solicitor firms in Hong Kong, P C Woo & Co was the first local law firm to set up offices in Chengdu, Sichuan, and as of today, they remain the only Hong Kong firm there, said Moses Cheng, who has been with the firm for decades. He was the mastermind behind the expansion, under CEPA. He explained they set up a joint venture with Beijing law firm Zhonglun W&D and extended their services to 18 major cities on the Mainland.

Cheng started his legal career as an associate solicitor in 1975 after being admitted as a solicitor to the Supreme Court of Hong Kong. Then, he joined P C Woo & Co as a managing partner in the litigation practice in 1979. Between 1994 and 2015, he was a senior partner of the firm. Upon his retirement as a partner, he became a consultant in 2016.

Under Cheng’s leadership, P C Woo & Co has expanded its services into various areas, including litigation and dispute resolution, corporate and commercial, banking and finance, estate administration and charities. By adopting a flexible one-firm set-up with lawyers that have expertise in different fields, this ensures that the firm’s clients can have access to professionals that can meet all their needs.

P C Woo & Co joined the Chamber in 1999 because they believe that the Chamber is a good platform for members to reach out to the wider business community.

“Being a member of the Chamber helps strengthen the company’s role as a part of Hong Kong’s business community,” Cheng explained. “We felt that the Chamber represents the interests of the Hong Kong business community effectively. What impresses us most is that the Chamber defends the interests of the business community and help maintain Hong Kong’s business friendly environment. More importantly, we have the opportunity to elect a representative of the Chamber to the Legislative Council.”

Cheng and his fellow colleagues also participate in the Chamber’s activities. “We’ve mainly attend luncheon meetings such as the CE Policy Address and the Annual Budget,” Cheng said. They also occasionally take part in seminars and conferences organized by the Chamber.

Cheng hopes that the Chamber can continue to host lifestyle events for members to get to know each other better in a relaxed atmosphere.


Company: P C Woo & Co

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