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Pursuing Truth

With the rapid development of technology, the business information industry has seen many changes in the past few decades. Central Business Information Limited (CBI) has kept up with these changes and expanded its services to help clients from different industries.

“Our primary role is to deliver a full range of accurate business information in a timely, efficient, and cost-effective manner,” said Ray Chan, the founder and president of CBI.

“From prints to microfilm, digital to internet, manually writing data to cloud platforms, the business information industry has transformed itself in the past 20 years,” Chan said. “However, things like identity verification, site verification, and due diligence are becoming more important.”

CBI has developed its own network and services with research covering 213 countries, aided by overseas partners.


Bring truth and value to clients

CBI offers an integrated solution that provides a comprehensive analysis based on the most updated information.

The company produces various types of reports, such as due diligence, business credit reports, employment screening reports, asset search reports, business verification and site investigation reports. All the investigations are legal and can be done by public checks or private investigations depending on client requests.

In recent years, many of Chan’s clients have been lawyers, accountants and bankers seeking due diligence reports for Initial Public Offerings (IPOs). CBI also provides Know Your Customer (KYC) reports which include registration information, litigation records, qualification and authentication, and information about shareholders and directors.

In addition, CBI provides employment screening reports in which they check the background of prospective employees. They also conduct employment, education and professional qualification verification, and provide financial irregularity and negative record reports.

CBI cross-checks information in different ways to ensure it is accurate and that it is up to date. “We always keep checking and authenticating information so that it is verified,” he said.

The company also developed its own Corporate Individual Integrated System (CIIS), an advanced integrated system, which can collect, process and analyze business and individual information, and detect connections and relationships between different parties.


Management philosophy

Chan believes that respect for people is one of the most important aspects of management. This helps foster a corporate culture that enhances communication among colleagues, clients, services providers and partners, while ensuring mutual trust.

“Frankly speaking, people working in this field have to endure a lot of pressure. Sometimes, our colleagues have to work until 10 or 11 p.m. to meet deadlines.  Also, the pace of work is fast. It is not suitable for people who want an easy, 9-5 job,” said Chan.

However, hard work is rewarded by the company. “We provide a relatively comfortable working environment and organize travel trips every year for staff. We also provide salary increases and bonuses each quarter,” said Chan.


Future development

“While providing high-quality services, we are constantly improving our services. With 20 years of experience and expertise, and networking in over 200 countries worldwide with unique Mainland China market information channels, we are never satisfied with what we have achieved,” said Chan. “Last year, we set up a business hub and a new customer service division to serve as a connection between our clients and our business analyst and sales team,” said Chan.

Besides trying to improve its product and services to satisfy regulatory rules and the level of monitoring activities, CBI also aims to expand its coverage worldwide. CBI has also developed a cloud-based platform which can facilitate order and delivery information for clients.

The company currently employs around 300 staff but intends “to recruit more experienced staff from different fields as our clients are from different industries,” said Chan.

Looking forward, CBI will continue to abide by its mission statement of building trust. “The core aim of finding out the truth will continue to guide our company for the next 20 years,” he concluded. 


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