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Extending an Arm to the Community

DEMS then became an independent school within the university in 1992 and changed its name to HKU School of Professional and Continuing Education (HKU SPACE). In 2000, they established the city’s first community college to provide award-bearing programmes leading to sub-degree awards.

Having been with HKU since 1990, Dr John Cribbin, a career university administrator, helped launch HKU SPACE by producing the Working Party Report. As the Deputy Director (Academic Services) of HKU SPACE now, his major duties include corporate governance as the company secretary supporting the Board of Directors and its committees; the servicing of the school’s boards, committees and academic units; and overseeing the school’s Registry Affairs and Quality Assurance teams. Dr Cribbin is also part of the school’s senior management as a member of the Directorate team and is responsible for the internal application of the Hong Kong Government’s Qualifications Framework.

“As the university’s extension arm to the community, it seemed appropriate to also be a part of the business community to better understand their needs and, hopefully to help to meet them, particularly for training,” said Dr Cribbin, who joined the Chamber in 2003. Hence, he also serves on the Chamber’s Manpower Committee. In addition, as HKU SPACE is a self-financed entity, it is important for them to operate in an efficient and business-like manner, so the seminars and events that the Chamber runs are of interest to Dr Cribbin as well.

Apart from his university work, Dr Cribbin is the Chairman of the Hong Kong Cricket Association and represents cricket on the Sports Federation and Olympic Council Committee. He also represents Hong Kong on the Asian Cricket Council where he has just completed his term as Vice-President, and the International Cricket Council where he serves on a number of their committees.


Company: HKU School of Professional and Continuing Education

HKGCC Membership No.: HKH0614

Established: 1999


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