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OCL Appreciates Chamber’s Efforts in Leading Business Sector

As the CEO of Octopus Cards Limited (OCL), Sunny Cheung is always thinking about how the company can make people’s daily lives hassle-free with innovative technology.

His 40 years of experience in the retail banking and payments industry have enabled him to help make the Octopus system one of the world’s leading and most extensively accepted contactless smart card payment systems. Octopus is now widely used in many aspects of Hong Kong daily life including public transport, parking, retail, vending machines and kiosks, schools and leisure facilities, and access control for residential and commercial buildings nowadays.

To cope with customers’ diverse payment needs, Octopus has transformed from facilitating just brick-and-mortar offline payments to also facilitating online payments including the introduction of Octopus Online Payment Service, the network-based O! ePay mobile payment service, Octopus Mobile SIM and the Octopus App.

In 2000, OCL joined the Chamber because it provides a valuable platform for building up business connections and knowledge enhancement through a variety of training sessions, seminars and workshops. “Being a member of the Chamber helps us keep abreast of the global economic climate, business intelligence, market development as well as gain insight into the newest technological advancements, which are all crucial to the business of OCL. We can stay better connected and be in a better position to learn about and take advantage of new opportunities,” said Cheung.

What’s more, Cheung appreciates the Chamber’s efforts in leading the Hong Kong business sector. “Hong Kong is at a political, social and economic crossroads. If Hong Kong is to move forward and maintain its status as an international financial centre, the business sector must find solutions to the problems it faces, and pressing matters related to the economy and infrastructure. Otherwise, our competitiveness could start to erode. We need a business association like the Chamber, which can command leadership in the business sector and articulate our vision to the Government and the public,” he said.


Company: Octopus Cards Limited

HKGCC Membership No.: HKO0135

Established: 1997


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