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Chamber Acts as Bridge for Konica Minolta

Robert Ip rose to become the company’s first Chinese managing director in March 2016, leading over 600 employees in Hong Kong, having joined Konica Minolta all the way back in 1990 and accumulating extensive management experience. Before that, after having tackled the financial crisis successfully in 2008, he was appointed Director of Marketing, Sales and Technical Service in 2012. Since then, Ip has been responsible for formulating strategies for company and business transformation.

Konica Minolta joined the Chamber in 2005. In addition to their digital color solutions and digital document system, they are dedicated to providing innovative business solutions including IT, and business process outsourcing services to cater for the ever-changing and diverse needs of enterprises of all sizes.

The Chamber acts as a bridge for Konica Minolta to know more about other industries and people. The Chamber also provides excellent opportunities for Konica Minolta to build up connections with business executives and traders.

“With a wide spectrum of local, Mainland Chinese and international members, the Chamber generates different kinds of information, ranging from local and government policies and their impacts to economic market trends to entrepreneur interviews. These broaden our business knowledge and are insightful as well as inspiring,” Ip added.

“Crisis creates opportunities but we are able to find a way out,” said Ip. During the financial tsunami in 2008 and 2009, half of the company’s salespersons left Konica Minolta. Facing both external and internal problems, Ip changed the company’s sales strategy to cope with the needs of their customers. It was an unqualified success as it led to a double-digit growth in sales.


Company: Konica Minolta Business     Solutions (HK) LTD

HKGCC Membership No.: HKK0387

Established: 1873


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