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In Association with HKGCC for Over 20 Years

After Richard Pyvis studied in Tokyo in the early ’70s, he devoted himself to the financial services sector in the ensuing four decades.

The knowledge and experience gained from those decades has helped him become the Chairman of CLSA Capital Partners (CP), the alternative investment management arm of CLSA Limited. 

CLSA, which stands for Credit Lyonnais Securities Asia, is one of Asia’s leading brokerage and investment groups based in Hong Kong and offers a diversified range of investment vehicles. Its growth has tracked the rise of the Asian consumer and domestic consumption over multiple economic cycles, including hard times such as the 1997 Asian financial crisis, the dot-com bubble, SARS and the global financial crisis. Today, CP is a resilient, market-leading alternative asset manager in Asia.

Pyvis has been deeply involved in CP’s development, having over US$3 billion worth of investment funds under management and seven offices across the Asian region including Hong Kong, Singapore and Tokyo. CLSA joined the Chamber in 1992, and its long history with the Chamber has enabled the company to access valuable networks and highly sought-after resources which complement its investment sourcing transactions and partners.

“I found that my association with the Chamber has opened doors to the rapidly changing face of business across the region, particularly with its APEC, TPP and WTO policy initiatives,” said Pyvis. “We are delighted to be associated with this progressive body.”

Pyvis has also served on the HKCSI Executive Committee for the past two decades.


Company: CLSA Ltd

HKGCC Membership No.: HKC0203

Established: 1986


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