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Thriving With Changes

When Tung Fat Ho was established in 1950, it was only a small timber family retail business. More than half a century later, it has become an award-winning hardware solution consultant specializing in the management of fire risks and security risks with four offices including in Beijing and Shanghai.

As the third generation of leaders at the firm, General Manager Simon Leung brings his own philosophy and style to the table.

“Innovation and creativity are the pillars of our success,” he said. “Whenever new technology is available and our competitors hesitate, we’re eager to explore possibilities to implement it in our solutions.”

Tung Fat Ho was among the first to introduce AirKey, a cutting-edge electronic locking system that uses smartphones as wireless keys, to the Hong Kong market.

The core values of Tung Fat Ho – “reliable, specialized, and service” – are not just impressive buzz words. Backed by a professional team, they specialize in high-quality door lock systems and hinges, which have been popular among architects and designers for years and have attracted customers from different sectors including home owners, schools, hospitals and even prisons. They were also among the first in the industry to obtain ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications, while their ISO 27001 certification is already on its way. Tung Fat Ho believes that this determination to provide highly professional and modern service is one of their main strengths and helps them retain loyal customers.


Thriving under change

Every business comes across its share of opportunities, and it is up to upper management to spot and seize them. In 1997, Tung Fat Ho was nominated to be the architectural hardware supplier for the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. “This marked a great milestone for our company,” said Leung.

When the SARS epidemic hit Hong Kong in 2003 and business seemed grim, Leung actually saw opportunity. “Hospitals suddenly had a great demand for anti-bacterial doors and non-contact door systems. We imported products from Japan and Germany and sales were great.”

A significant chunk of the company’s resources is invested into preparation against potential risks and changes in the business environment. “Disasters happen; companies that prepare well and manage to survive times of difficulty are the ones that thrive,” he said. “Either be ready for the next wave, or be eliminated from the market.”


Digitization the way to go

The company’s operations underwent a full overhaul though digitization as it adopted the Enterprise Resource Planning System (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management System (CRM).

“By moving systems and operations to the cloud, we were able to enhance our efficiency and be prepared for changes,” said Leung. Thanks to cloudification, their employees were able to switch seamlessly to working from home during SARS while still being able to access the company database with ease, hence the epidemic’s impact on the company’s operations was minimized.

Leung’s keen insight has helped Tung Fat Ho win numerous awards, including the Hong Kong Award of Industries in Innovation and Creativity and the HKMA Quality Award 2014.


Working with the youth

While some companies are having a hard time hiring and managing young employees, Leung believes that the younger generation brings a different perspective and synergy to Tung Fat Ho.

“Employers need to try standing in their young employees’ shoes and see their strengths, instead of trying to have them just follow suit. Young employees have their own take and at Tung Fat Ho, we try to provide them with a platform to unleash their potential,” he said.

Tung Fat Ho allows its young employees to set their own goals and lead their own projects. “By letting junior staff take charge, senior staff have come to appreciate the youngsters’ input and recognize that they can work together despite any differences.”

He believes it is up to employers to package their industry to attract a young workforce, which is one of Tung Fat Ho’s aims.

“You need to make the job ‘sexy.’ I once had a young employee who couldn’t find a way to help his parents wrap their minds around the fact that their university-graduate son was working as an ironmonger,” Leung said. “It took some time for them to see the other side of this industry.”

Looking forward, Tung Fat Ho is taking another important step in its development – knowledge management. Leung has been overseeing the establishment of a library database to document the company’s collective knowledge. They are now implementing the Document Management System, which serves to digitize and organize documents such as purchasing orders and invoices into a central system to facilitate internal circulation. The database also doubles as a guide for new staff to learn the ropes easily. Leung believes investment in knowledge management will act as a significant catalyst for Tung Fat Ho’s future development.  


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