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Traditional Chinese Virtues

Most young people in Hong Kong used to turn up their noses at the notion of visiting a Chinese medicine practitioner when they were unwell. They believed it was something only for old people; a notion reinforced by the strong smell and bitterness of the medicine.

Mark Chan, Chairman and CEO at RM Group, said he has noticed a growing trend that more Hongkongers of all ages, as well as foreigners, are turning to traditional Chinese medical treatments to cure their ailments.

“Chinese and Western medications cure people in different ways. Some Chinese medicine can be used to nourish your body while Western drugs cannot,” he explained. “Besides, Chinese medical treatments emphasize recuperation, and can heal some chronic pain symptoms.”


Safeguarding consumers’ health

Established in 2002, RM Group is committed to improving its patients’ health by using high quality Chinese health products. The very competitive health product market has given way to some unscrupulous practices by one or two of companies that tarnish the whole industry. Chan strongly believes that his company has a mission to safeguard consumers’ health.

“The longer you stay in the market, the more responsibility you feel that you have to shoulder. As a businessman, I believe I have a responsibility to not only earn money, but that I also need to safeguard consumers’ bottom line, and to reach for the highest standards in this business,” he said.

To accomplish this, Chan and his team devote themselves to developing new products with formulas that best suit the market. “We want to bring the highest quality products to consumers. To do this, we need to find the best ingredients and produce the product in the countries of origin so that as much of their beneficial ingredients are retained as possible.”

Today, RM Group has expanded its production lines from Hong Kong to Taiwan, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Australia, and the U.S.. “The health product business is constantly changing with companies coming and going. If you introduce a new product today, you find the next day there are several similar new products competing with your product. That is why quality is essential. If you give consumers quality products, they will come back and be loyal to your brand.”


Key to success: Good reputation

Chan said giving consumers confidence in a product is crucial, which is why he places so much emphasis on quality control. “We have to examine each product carefully, and we are very strict on our quality control. We require factories to hand in test reports, and we do sample inspections regularly.”

RM Group cooperates with Hong Kong Chinese Medicine Authentication Centre (HKCMAC), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hong Kong Baptist University, to conduct safety and quality control tests on its popular products.

Chan is also placing much emphasis on building his brand. “When consumers first get to know the product, it is usually because of the branding or spokesperson. If the product works for them, they will start recognizing the product’s brand name. Branding is a long process, it takes time for customers to gradually remember a brand, but ultimately, we hope that the customers will remember RM Group,” he said. “Then we will be able to consider ourselves successful.”

However, in such a competitive market, and some unscrupulous shysters producing fake, low quality products, or even harmful products, a reputation for quality is essential.

“You always get one or two bad apples in any business, that is unavoidable. But the overwhelming majority of businesses are not solely focused on money. We run our business with a strong sense of responsibility and conscience. We cannot control what others do, but we can ensure we do our best to maintain the quality of our products. Consumers are generally more concerned about quality than price, so will shun cheaper, inferior products in favour of quality and effectiveness. We will safeguard the high standard of business ethics,” he said.


The next step: China market

Chan explained that he has invested a lot of time, energy and money in securing the quality ingredients for his health products, which has made RM Group one of the most well-known Chinese medicine companies in Hong Kong. However, he still has one market that he wants to bring his products and services to: Mainland China.

“In the next few years, we are planning to allocate more resources to develop the China market. We are cooperating with Mainland firms on a number of projects and we would like to expand our mission in China,” he said.


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