CO Subscriber


Subscribers may enjoy a discounted rate for Certificates of Origin and other trade documentation services. The following table illustrates the respective discount for each type of documents:

Re-export CO and Transhipment CO HK$60 less
Hong Kong Origin CO, Processing CO and CEPA CO HK$20 less
Certification of Documents HK$60 less
CO Subscription Fee
Annual Subscription The annual subscription fee is HK$1,350. Newly elected CO Subscriber shall pay the remaining months on pro-rata basis. You may also consider joining the 3-year subscription at HK$2,900, a big saving of HK$1,150.

The HKGCC is the sole guaranteeing and issuing body for ATA Carnets in Hong Kong, which allow temporary imports of commercial samples, professional equipment and goods for business activities, fairs and exhibitions, etc. to 77 countries and territories without paying import duties and taxes. To enjoy the huge 50% discount on applying Carnets, please join the HKGCC as a Full Member.

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