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PHASE Scientific International Ltd

Company Background

PHASE Scientific is a biotechnology start-up that has developed a ground-breaking sample preparation technology that the Company believes will change the landscape in diagnostics and healthcare management: from focusing on treatment to prevention, and from knowledge and technology for only a few to access for many.

From its roots in the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) in 2011, PHASE Scientific has since grown to have its global headquarters and R&D capabilities in Hong Kong, a 12,000-sq-ft manufacturing and R&D facility in Southern California, U.S., and an additional site in Suzhou, China.

Business Activities

While PHASE Scientific’s technology enjoys wide application, the current focus is on the following areas of development:
1)Rapid Point-of-Care Tests – They are easy to carry, simple to use, and at a relatively low cost, allowing the tests to be done anytime, anywhere, by anyone, without the need for trained personnel or power source – an incredible convenience.

Current product development focuses on areas that can best leverage the strengths of the Company’s technology – fast, convenient and accurate:
• Infectious diseases such as sexually transmitted diseases (e.g., chlamydia, gonorrhea) and malaria;
• Sample collection methods that do not require the use of needles, such as using saliva or urine.
PHASE Scientific’s first product in the pipeline, with an expected Q2 2019 launch date, is a test kit to assess the risk of tooth decay. Tooth decay is the most common oral infectious disease in the world, affecting 2.4 billion people, that is, around one-third of the world’s population. The main benefit of this product is to help everyone monitor their dental health, which will in turn lead to better detection and prevention of this widespread disease in a fast, easy and inexpensive way.

2)Liquid Biopsies – Liquid biopsies have the potential to revolutionize the diagnosis of a vast range of conditions – by collecting blood samples rather than the much more invasive way of taking tissue samples from a target location or organ of the body.

PHASE Scientific is currently working on a sample preparation process that isolates minute amounts of DNA fragments in blood samples. This product in the pipeline could potentially be applied to various liquid biopsies for early or late stage cancer screening, as well as non-invasive prenatal tests. This allows the Company to tap into the potentially explosive liquid biopsy market, as well as become an indispensable enabler of one of the most exciting advancements in medical science.

3)Health Data Platform – The Company is developing a health data platform, turning diagnostic information into insights to help improve health management.

Concurrent with the launch of the Company’s first product will be a mobile app connected to a database and analytical capability. This companion app to the point-of-care test kit for assessing the risk of tooth decay will allow users to record and track their results, and access resources for monitoring and prevention. It is the goal of PHASE Scientific to further extend the capability of its apps and big data analytics as more products are launched and more data is collected. Through this health data platform, the Company hopes to realize its vision of enabling telemedicine and better management of diseases for both individuals and societies.

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