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Company Background

LILY FENN & PARTNERS is a medium size law firm in Hong Kong. The firm comprises of experienced legal practitioners of diversified knowledge, experience and expertise. The law firm celebrated the 35th Anniversary of Dr. Lily Fenn’s legal practice in 2019.

LILY FENN & PARTNERS possess a broad range of experience in serving local, regional and international clients. There are 6 departments, namely, (1) Litigation and Arbitration; (2) Corporate and Commercial; (3) Aviation Law & Practice; (4) Intellectual Properties & Information Technology; (5) Family Law & Matrimonial Causes; and (6) Conveyancing, Probate and Trust.

In 2007, LILY FENN & PARTNERS joined SCG Legal, one of the two biggest global law firm groups in the world. There are law firms of over 150 jurisdictions within the group, while membership is strictly by invitation only. Lily Fenn & Partners are honoured to be the only law firm in Hong Kong chosen to become a member of the group. Through this global connection, the firm may obtain legal advice from different jurisdictions in a short time, co-ordinate regional legal services as a team, and reach decision makers in each U.S. state capital easily.

LILY FENN & PARTNERS is in association with GIEBELMANN & SALVONI, lawyers of both Germany and Italy, with offices in Munich, Berlin, Brescia, Milan and Rome. With such support, Lily Fenn & Partners are able to provide full service to German, Italian and European clients. Moreover, Lily Fenn & Partners are in association with VESPERA AVOCATS, a reputable French law firm in Paris, France, MHP LAW FIRM in Shanghai, PRC and DAC BEACHCROFT LLP, reputable law firm based in the United Kingdom, Spain and Mexico. As a result of the firm’s strategic associations, Lily Fenn & Partners have over 300 fee earners in aggregate in different jurisdictions over different areas of legal practices at their clients’ disposal and acting for the best interest of their clients.

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Year Joined 2021
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  • Service
Services Provided
  • Law of Trust
  • Conveyancing
  • Arbitration
  • Aviation Law
  • Commercial Law
  • Legal Service on Intellectual Property
  • Probate
  • Family Law
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