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Kwoon Chung Bus Holdings Ltd

Company Background

Kwoon Chung Bus Holdings Limited and its subsidiaries (collectively “the
Group”) is the largest non-franchised public bus and limousine operator in Hong
Kong after over half-a-century of dramatic development. The Group has been
listed on the Main Board of the HK Stock Exchange since September 1996
(Stock Code#0306). The major business of the Group is providing
transportation services to the local public covering the sectors of tour, hotels,
students, employees, residents and contract-hire services, etc. The Group has
also operated a cross-border passenger transport business for over 10 years.

Business Activities

Provide local & cross-border transportation services
for passengers

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Membership No. HKK0512
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Year Joined 2021
Nature of Business
  • Service
Services Provided
  • Other Logistics & Transport
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