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Framis Italia HK Ltd

Company Background

FRAMIS ITALIA was set up 35 years ago to promote the use of a new polyurethane elastic tape, registered as Framilon®, in the clothing industry. Framilon® soon became a leading name in the top-of-the-range polyurethane tape market, selling over 2 billion metres. Over the last 10 years, combining mechanical skills with chemical/textile expertise and gradually consolidating the business the way we Italians do so well, we have developed our own NoSo® heat-welding system. NoSo® is increasingly meeting the demand for new creativity and improved quality expressed by major stylists and designers.

Business Activities

polyurethane tape, labels, bonding machine

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Year Joined 2021
Nature of Business
  • Trading
  • Manufacturing
Product Provided
  • Garment, Textile & Clothing Accessories
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