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FNZ is a world leading wealth management platform-as-a-service provider headquartered in the UK and one of the leading fintech service companies globally. FNZ’s clients are all regulated financial institutions and as such FNZ purely acts as a service provider to such regulated entities and does not provide investment advice. FNZ’s clients in turn service their own clients via omni-channels supporting both D2C and advisor-driven offerings, that can be accessed via mobile APP or web pages. Currently, FNZ services over USD 700bn in regulated financial institution assets on its platform.
FNZ is proud to have been present in China for over six years and currently employs around 160 staff in both Hong Kong and Shanghai and is strongly positioned to serve the needs of financial institutions in the region and China in particular. FNZ is also in the process of establishing a presence on the Mainland in the Greater Bay Area as part of the Wealth Connect initiative. FNZ’s is seeking strategic partnerships with financial services institutions and participants in the wealth management services sector both in China and more globally. Please feel free to contact us: William Barkshire – Head of Strategy and Sales – We Chat: willb12345

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Over the years, we have helped businesses overcome adversity and thrive locally, in Mainland China and internationally.

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