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Deens International Hong Kong Ltd

Company Background

A company set up by a passionate individual to make a difference in the community. Creating value and connections among people to focus on improving lives and community. DEENS INTERNATIONAL HONG KONG aims to establish a strong relationship with all stakeholders to encourage sustainable businesses and relationships with all stakeholders.

Business Activities

DEENS INTERNATIONAL HONG KONG LTD owns an e-commerce platform with an aim to provide an online presence to local Hong Kong vendors who have been affected by the pandemic and want to expand with an online presence. It conducts business in multiple products in various countries in commercial and consumer goods.

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Membership No. HKD0816
Year Joined 2022
Nature of Business
  • Trading
  • Service
Services Provided
  • E-Commerce Consultancy
Over the years, we have helped businesses overcome adversity and thrive locally, in Mainland China and internationally.

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