Hong Kong and Guangdong business sectors join hands to clean air

The Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce (HKGCC) and the Hong Kong Business Coalition on the Environment (HKBCE) have joined forces with the Greater Pearl River Delta Business Council (GPRDBC), China Council for the Promotion of International Trade - Guangdong Sub-Council (Guangdong CCPIT) and Guangdong Environmental Protection Industries Association (Guangdong EPIA) to encourage Hong Kong and Guangdong companies to support and implement the "Clean Air Charter".

At the 8th Hong Kong-Guangdong Cooperation Joint Meeting hosted by HKSAR Chief Executive Donald Tsang and Guangdong Governor Huang Huahua today (September 28), representatives of both sides have discussed a number of issues on cooperation. In particular to air problem, businesses in Hong Kong and Guangdong have reached consensus that they need to join hands to improve air quality of the Greater PRD. Related efforts have gained support from GPRDBC Chairman Dr Victor Fung and Guangdong CCPIT President Mr Ye Yao.

The alarmingly high air pollution indexes recorded in recent years have aroused widespread public concern. High levels of air pollution not only pose a grave threat to public health, but also jeopardize Hong Kong’s reputation as an international business hub and tourist centre. Therefore, with strong support from HKGCC, HKBCE initiated the “Project CLEAN AIR.”

HKGCC CEO Dr Eden Woon said, “The Clean Air project focuses on encouraging enterprises to sign up to the Charter and implement its guidelines on a voluntary basis. A series of outreach programmes and public campaigns will be undertaken to support implementation of the Charter.”

The Charter lists six key areas in which businesses can contribute to reducing air pollution. It also contains implementation guidelines to help businesses reduce emissions. As the PRD is the production base for many companies, HKGCC has, through the GPRDBC, secured support from major stakeholder organisations in Guangdong, including Guangdong CCPIT and EPIA.

Mr James Graham, Convenor of HKBCE, said: "To effectively tackle the air pollution issue, a joint effort in Hong Kong and the PRD is crucial. We also believe that the business and industrial communities have a significant part to play."

"Clean Air Day," the first public event relating to the project, will take place in late November to promote the clean air message to the general public.

For media inquiries, please contact HKGCC CEO Dr Eden Woon at 2823-1211.
Clean Air Charter:

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