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Hong Kong: Belt & Road Super Highway <br/>香港:一帶一路的高速公路

Hong Kong: Belt & Road Super Highway
The Belt & Road Summit 2023 has successfully strengthened Hong Kong’s role on the global stage and opened doors to further business opportunities and bilateral investment in the Middle East and ASEAN

Serving the Hong Kong Community<br/>服務香港社群

Serving the Hong Kong Community
It is important to help the underprivileged at this time of severe economic stress and to work to build a better Hong Kong for all

BRI Opportunities for Financial Services<br/>「一帶一路」金融服務機遇

BRI Opportunities for Financial Services
Hong Kong’s financial services sector can play a key role in the post-pandemic recovery in Belt and Road economies

Belt and Road Provides Path to New Opportunities<br/>一帶一路創新機

Belt and Road Provides Path to New Opportunities
Strong fundamentals and experience as a bridge between cultures put Hong Kong businesses in a good position

Finding a Role on the New Silk Road <br/>探尋在新絲綢之路的角色

Finding a Role on the New Silk Road
As the Belt and Road Initiative develops, opportunities are emerging for Hong Kong businesses willing to explore uncharted waters, writes Bulletin Editor Helen Sloan

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